The Selecting of Adhesive in Sticker Labels Printing Process

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The Selecting of Adhesive in Sticker Labels Printing Process

Our company is a professional producer of garment accessories, such as woven labels, printed labesl, metal labels, sticker labels, hangtags, etc. We offer all kinds of garment accessories with good quality and reasonable price. After years of development, we have a wealth of experience and technology accumulated in producing sticker labels.

Before using different types of sticker labels, the type of test adhesive is very important, to look this adhesive is self-adhesive, or heat-sealing adhesive or gummed paper water. Some adhesives will chemically react with specific substances. For example, sticker labels that’s used as a sticker signage under certain conditions may contaminate some special fabric. Some need a short sticky label on the exposure conditions will have a lasting sticky. On the other hand, some need lasting adhesive labels but will lose some surface sticky.

Above that is the cold stamping technology of stickers labels printed instructions. Our company supply excellent quality, superior performance sticker labels, I believe that will be your best choice. If you have any questions or related needs, please contact us, your phone call and any consultation will be highly appreciated.

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