How to Tell If a Prada Handbag Is Fake or Genuine

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Prada is famous for its luxurious, high-quality handbags. Perhaps one mark of its success is the knockoffs that flood the market. If you are interested in purchasing a genuine Prada bag, how can you tell you are not being cheated and the bag you are considering is the real thing? Genuine Prada handbags all share similar characteristics.

A real Prada handbag attached metal labels is made out of leather or has only leather accents. There is no plastic on the bag at all. Prada has a preference for lambskin and calfskin. If you can tell the "leather" is actually plastic, it is not a real Prada handbag. Look at the lining. The lining of a Prada handbag is carefully stitched in, rather than glued. The lining also will be made from a good fabric, and should have a tag sewn inside. All Prada bags have tags that say “PRADA MADE IN ITALY.”

Examine the packaging. Prada handbags with sewing metal labels are never wrapped in plastic or paper. Because the handbags themselves can be delicate and prone to marking, they are packaged alone in a sizable box. Plastic wrap is a sign you have a fake on your hands.

Zip and unzip the zipper. Prada only uses the best components for its purses; the zipper is no exception. Prada handbags zip and unzip easily and fluidly. The zippers won't catch the fabric and the bags open and close very smoothly. Check for a tag. Prada handbags come with a logo plate that is attached to the handbag with strong stitching. In real Prada handbag tags, the lettering for the word “Prada” is slightly raised and the “r" in the word has a curved leg.
Identify the place of purchase. Real Prada bags in attached metal labels are only sold at large, reputable department stores and in Prada boutiques. Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks are three stores that carry Prada. Prada bags can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you are being asked to pay a price that is too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

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