Million Jewelry Shine

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The the movie Caesar Award will be hold in the romantic city of Paris, Olga wore a purple Strapless dresses with French hairstyle seems gentle and pleasant, the most subtle decoration is that she specifically chose Lea De Beers diamond jewelery necklace, Aura drape earrings and Enchanted Lotus Ring, her French elegance and noble temperament filling is no doubt impressed the whole audience.

"Ursula" Olga is particularly passionate about DE beers diamond jewelry, in the recent British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA) awards ceremony, she  selected to wear De Beers Lea senior jewelry series of earrings to attend the evening ceremony, wearing Beers diamond jewelery perfect interpret the beauty of the elegant women like Olga.

Similar to the diamond, water is nature's most precious resources; the designer based on the theme of water, fully demonstrated the sense of De Beers Diamond distinctive features like bright and perfected fluidity. Jewelry cards shows that: 110 De Beers Featured diamonds in platinum is dazzling, a total weight of 14.5 kt.

Exudes charming Halo pavé diamonds dancing around De Beers Featured diamonds, Spin up a slice of bright light, 72 diamonds bright shining around platinum earrings, to show the beauty of diamonds, and purity and bright. Total weight 2.6 kt.

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