Wearing Tight Can Be Also Super-Stylish

Release time:2013-04-08      Source:admin      Reads:
In this season, modern yet with the exotic feelings nomadic wind swept through the winter fashion circles, whether with Nordic style thick stick knitting sweater, flowing and ankle long skirt , or a warm shawl, cape blankets, dark fabric labels, all show us a kingdom of no bound feeling, while casual, comfortable collocation is the rough freedom on behalf of the nomadic style. And the key lies that even though wrapped super tight will not let you looks out of fashion.

Loose slacks, T-shirts and striped shawl mashup, big black shawl, dotted with exotic printing make an impression, nomadic wind in the weather with good occasion, enjoy heap things to the body, while warm, also super-stylish.

The men in the streets demonstrates the creative use of large striped shawl tassel is undoubtedly the performance of the nomadic spirit essence.

Nordic style thick rod sweaters, knitted skirts to mix together will be cozy and warm, or on a blanket red and black checkered shirt coat jacket, or mix and match with large black jacket nomads printing and Maxi dress, wear a black fedora, accompanied by a colored fabric labels wil become nomadic girl in the street.

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