Printed Labels in Sinicline

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Specializing in the design and manufacture garment accessories including woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, rubber & silicone PVC labels, leather labels, heat transfer and ribbons, Sinicline has a strong domestic presence and an increasing export market. This also made it the accepted market leaders in computerized printed labels. We always keep the pace with the customer’s changing needs and upgrading plants, Sinicline remains an excellent experience. Our concept is providing tailor-made service to offer you a complete garment accessories solution. “High quality, competitive price, sincere service” is our permanent commitment.

There are a range of material options available for printed labels such as cotton, herringbone, polyester satin and tyvek. Our quality printed labels can be used for both brand promotion and carrying care information, so contact us with your any requirements and we can produce a label perfect for all your needs.

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