Fashionable Silicone Labels

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Sinicline is a well-established manufacturer of silicone labels, located at Xinchengda Industrial Park, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Our fashionable silicone labels are widely used on shoes, bags, apparels, hats, gifts etc to enhance the corporate image. Recently, we succeed to have labels with functional purpose, for example, soft cushion pad, bungee closure, vibration dampeners, silicone tube and so on.

Insisting on expert and quick sampling for years, we have our silicone label products for many famous brands. Therefore, we believe we have the experience to make your design a reality.

We have four main materials: soft PVC, silicone, PU and rubber for customer’s different requirement. According to the latest environment safety regulations, our labels are innocuous and nonpoisonous, no AZO DYE stuffs and pass the analysis of heavy metals test by SGS.

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