The fabric labels for garments

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Sew-in fabric labels are usually supplied in rolls with a marker denoting the cut line, and it is recommended that the label is folded in half to form a loop before being stitched. Labels can be as narrow as 15mm wide, and printed with coloured information including text and logos which are resistant to multiple wash cycles.

There is also an alternative to the sew-in which can be applied to fabric labels by ironing on. The heat from the iron activates the normally dry adhesive on the underside to form a secure bond which will stand up to multiple wash cycles without falling off or fading. This fabric has a close weave which will accept print including readable bar codes. Again, these labels are usually supplied in roll form, but on an easy peel backing.

Fabric labels supplied bysinicline can be bought ready die cut in roll form, suitable for use with thermal transfer printers. Special wash-resistant ribbons can also be obtained.

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