The delicate jewelry cards

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Jewelry cards and earring cards can be found in catalogs and websites, and you can buy them pretty inexpensively. But for a more professional look and better jewelry sales, your own unique jewelry hang tags and earring cards add a top-notch touch to your jewelry packaging. they're easy to make yourself, or to have made for you, and they don't need to cost more than a few cents per card - a good investment when you consider the boost they will give your jewelry business!

Your jewelry cards and earring cards should have your logo or the name of your jewelry business, plus the information about the material and the color etc.You can put your contact info on the back of the card to keep the front uncluttered.Including this info helps customers feel that you're a legitimate business that will be around for a while. It implies that you stand behind your products - that you can be contacted if the customer has any problem with your jewelry.

Equally important, customers usually hang on to custom jewelry cards and earring cards, and keep them somewhere in their jewelry box. and very often since they have your contact info handy, customers will contact you or shop on your website when they want to buy more jewelry or have custom pieces made.

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