Premium Seal Tags Promote Your Garments

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Unlike paper tags, seal tags are designed to withstand water, oil, UV radiation, abrasion, tampering and most solvents. Your message is completely protected beneath a self-laminating clear polyester cover. The base material is UV resistant writable semi-rigid plastic with a 1/4" brass eyelet. These tags are exceptionally durable and are used across the country in all types of environments.

Seal tags are available in blank or preprinted in virtually any size, color or shape. Tag options include a rear self-laminating cover, additional brass eyelets, brass or plastic lockout grommets, sequential numbering, removable stub, rounded or cropped corners, adhesive backing and carbon copies. Attachment options include wire, nylon, cotton strings or non-releasable nylon ties.

Let us help design your seal tags to comply with these regulations or any other tag requirements you may have by calling or faxing your rough sketch to our employees and we will make them a reality. We are very glad to help you in every aspect from raw materials to after sale services. Moreover, we will recommend you the cheapest shipment for your convenience.

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