Woven Labels Fit Into Any Garments

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Woven labels sewed on garments are mainly used as washing, care labels. They are usually made of satin, taffeta, damask, ribbon and so on. Our many years of manufacturing experience and expertise allow us the versatility to serve a wide range of woven labels. And our labels are attractively designed and highly demanded in the market. These labels are suitable for tagging the garments for depicting the brand and are woven to perfection and do not cause any allergies to the skin.

We provide superior quality color woven labels that can be availed in various designs, patterns and sizes. Our range is popular among garment manufacturers for imprinting the size and price of the garment on the label. We offer our customers with printed labels that fit into their needs and demands, while we also contrive these according to their specifications. Bring us your artwork, rough sketches and design; we will make them a reality.

We have broad experience in manufacturing and supplying woven labels in worldwide, therefore can help you in every aspect from raw materials to logistics. We recommend you the cheapest way to ship your products in order to reduce the cost.

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