The printed and engraved plastic tags from sinicline

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The plastic tags from us strive to meet the signage needs of professionals, the business community, facilities and institutions, and government. From private entrepreneur to contractor to ceo, let us tackle your signage challenges for you. We produce custom engraved plastic signs for your interior facilities needs as well as exterior grade plastic or metal signs for traffic flow or identification purposes. Although we specialize in engraved plastic tags and signs, travel our site and discover our other offerings such as vinyl lettering, plaques, bronze castings and even formed raised plastic and metal lettering.

For larger quantities of identical plastic tags or signs, we offer a line of custom plastic products that are printed instead of engraved. They are a hardy enough material to meet most industrial needs. Printing also has the added advantage of multiple color capability on the same tag. We also offer dimensioned and edge treated blank stock for those who need to hand letter or wish to do their own engraving. We can even bend plastics and cut out most custom shapes that you might need. If you cannot find what you are looking for give us a call anyway, because chances are that we can either make it or know exactly where to go to get it.

We take pride in being known for our quality products and dependable customer service. We rely on repeat orders from satisfied customers. We offer a cart that allows you to order a broad range of “standard” dimensioned plastic tags and signs. Use our custom quote option if you do not see what you are looking for in our standard items. To meet your unique needs we can work from engineered specifications or blueprints. More commonly simple drawings are sufficient and can be sent us by email, we will let our professional design team give you the best advice on patterns

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