Essential Role that Hang Tags Play

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A badly manufactured hang tag will stick out like a sore thumb, no matter how fancy or sleek your product may be. As it is with other commodities, the hang tag and swing ticket markets too have become more ambitious with the availability of more materials, designs and more brands surfacing. In keeping with this knowledge, we combine our background of competent innovation and brilliance with cutting edge technical skills so your product gets a kickstart in the market.

New entrepreneurs need to know the importance of good hang tags for their products. Not anymore just a piece of paper attached to the product, tags and swing tickets have evolved to playing the role of introducing the product to buyers. A good hang tag serves a vital role as it provides information of brand name, manufacturer details, product maintenance guidelines and image. Detailed hang tags with vital information can push passers by to buying the product.

We provide a wide range of hang tag options in production method our customers can choose from, such as die cutting, glossy lamination, UV spot, etc. Customers can select from these techniques considering their products’ features and styles.

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