The plastic tags from sinicline

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We offer moulded Plastic tags made of high quality raw material. Our Plastic and Metal seal tags can also be customized as per clients requirements to match their font and logos. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, these can have raised graphics on both the sides. Before we supply you the products, we will take your company brand, your size ,your color into consideration.

Our company maintain long standing cooperation with many brand clothing company like ck, Italian etc. we can not deny that the plastic tags from our company impress our valuable customer so that they keep on purchasing our products. as far as I am concerned, our service provided to our customers are also excellent. We also give you advice on choosing the appropriate shipping company.

Lastly,we pay attention to every tiny detail when producing plastic tags from raw material to color difference control, till delivery and after sales service. We have built a strict 100% inspection system to assure high quality. Our excellent quality assures many famous brands’ appreciation and trust.

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