The beautiful woven labels from sinicline

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Woven labels are the vital finishing touch signifying quality and value. Our high-quality woven labels are the extra detail that reinforces your brand's value and excellence. Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method of branding your garments, sewing, knitting, clothing, crafts, and other projects. We specialize in offering solutions for a consistent brand identity. Call us today and let our label specialists guide you step-by-step in receiving a superior quality woven or printed fabric label.

Our woven and printed fabric labels, as well as our content labels, care labels, size labels, and hang tags are custom designed and produced with numerous options, from standard-finish materials to soft and silky products, unique cuts, shapes and techniques. An efficient ordering process, along with a superior label design and production process allows Custom Woven Labels to be cost-effective—no matter the quantity—while offering low minimums. Woven Labels, high-quality and low prices aren’t just catchwords—they’re our foundation.

We can produce your clothing labels in any quantity using Damask, Taffeta, or Cotton utilizing a time tested weaving process that results in a high qualitywoven labels that can withstand numerous washings. Our completely custom process enables you to specify every detail for the perfect woven label. Often the location or application of the woven label will determine the optimum process for production.

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