The plastic seals supplier from China

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Plastic seals have literally hundreds of uses ranging from fire exits and fire extinguishers to securing cash or clinical waste bags. These seals are designed for one time use and are not reusable. Manufactured as standard from polypropylene, for extra strength, some seal types are also available manufactured from nylon.

'Pull Up' type plastic seals as the name implies can be pulled tight, thus the length of the loop can be adjusted to any desired length within the overall operating limit. This type of seal is usedfor a wide range of applications from sealing clinical waste or cash bags to securing fire doors, fire extinguishers, etc.

Most plastic seals are available from stock pre-numbered with each seal bearing a unique serial number, while for a small additional charge, many types can also be customised with corporate logo or text if required. Most types are available in a choice of colours, typically blue, red, green or yellow.

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