Various Printed Labels for Your Needs

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For almost 10 years, we’ve been manufacturing outstanding printed labels. An elaborate printed label possesses vital information that customer need, therefore, printed labels should be well manufactured and top-notch to garments. And our state of the art equipment and experienced printers can help you achieve the perfect look for your labeling needs.

At Sinicline we inventory a variety of label materials, including the softest satins, taffeta, damask, 100% cotton twills, poly/cotton blends and many others. We print using specialty inks created specifically for garment labels and have the ability to print as many as 6 colors on the front of your printed labels and 2 additional colors on the back!

Our printed labels are widely accepted for exclusive design, unique pattern, innovative image and color matching with the help of advanced machine and sophisticated technology. So whether you need an elaborate label or a federally required care/content label, we’ve got you covered. Despite the superior product we offer, our pricing is among the lowest in the industry. Our advanced technology allows us to be competitive both for the small orders and the longer run orders.

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