the metal labels with plate or mould technique for garments or shopping bags

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In the past, I pay less attention to the metal labels which are usually sewn on garments. Until I work in Sinicline, I am gradually getting known well about it. Generally, most of this labels are made in alloy by mould, and plated colors. But also there are another material, such as stainless, silver, aluminum and gold.

Different material will suit different plating techniques. For the alloy material, it usually uses liquid plating technical to make themetal labels. The color can be various, such as gold, silver, anti-brass etc. There are two methods to plate the labels in liquid, one is hanging, and the other is roller. For hanging, it means that all the labels should be hanged one by one, and then plate the color. For the roller, it means all the labels will be put into a container and then plate the color, it likes the washing machine.

For the stainless steel material, we usually use the vacuum plating technical to make themetal labels. And the material of color is also very special. If you need gold color, the material should be IP gold. The IP gold is much better than normal gold material, itis resistant to corrosion or oxidation very well, and by using vacuum plating technical , the color can be wear-resistant and stay more than 3 years.

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