Belt hangers/ shoe hangers are one of major product

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Our factory produces more and morebelt hangersthese two years. Now we have various molds that can satisfy more customers. We can give our customers professional suggestions, help customers to choose the most suitable molds &craftwork. Our existing molds can help customers to save much money.

Our next step is to make the catalogue ofbelt hangersand send it to our potential customers at home and aboard by email. We will also print the catalogue, and send it together with physical samples to the customers by post. I think the customers will like them when they receive the catalogue and samples.

belt hangersare one of major product. We will promote them in the fairs as well. Actually, we are doing this, and many visitors are attracted by these items. Some are very happy to see them at our booth, they are eager to know the price, MOQ and delivery time; some don’t know how to use the hangers, then we will show them; some visitors require the samples. That’s what we expected.

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