The customized metal labels for bags holders

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The metal labels from our company can be categorized into the following types, the metal plates, the metal tags, the metal labels for shopping bags holders, the metal labels used for the key chains, the metal labels for zipper pullers, the metal labels for industrial usage in accordance with the application of the metal labels. with the most advanced machine equipment in our company, as long as you can think the new usage of the labels you can contact our company , we can do our most to satisfy all your specific demand.

With many years of experience in manufacturing various kinds of metal labels, our products are quite popular in the market and receive a large amount of attention from world brand garments company etc. the greatest goal of our company is to provide the most excellent labels for our valuable company. such as the size, the color, the material, the pattern of the metal labels we all can accept the customized order.

Under the leadership of our general manager, our company can be ranked as one of the most popular suppliers in the china. We are factory direct company that all the price of metal labels offered by us are all at the competitive factory price, which also give us an advantage over other vendors. If you have any doubt on our company products , do not hesitate to contact us.

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