The customized versatile plastic seals

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Sinicline was established in 2002 as a specialised developer and manufacturer of security plastic seals and is fast becoming one of the largest manufacturers of plastic sealsin Wuhan. Sinicline is widely accepted as a design innovator in security features and today, every year many world brand transportation company place a large amount of orders on our company plastic seals Sinicline is a global supplier of high qualityplastic sealsto a wide range of industries around the world. Sinicline has experienced impressive growth due to the ongoing research and development of special product features. Our focus on innovation and R& D has created a range of high quality plastic seals, which can accommodate even the most discerning of customer requirements. Focused on innovative products through aggressive research and development programmes, Sinicline has a product line that covers the market in general. Currently, it manufactures and marketsplastic sealsto the transportation industry, shipping industry, utility industry and a range of other industries, including retail.

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