Introduction of woven labels

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Woven labelsare the most common and economical way of identifying your products, your can put them on garments, purses, luggage, rugs, towels, promotional items, bedding and household articles etc.

Sinicline speclializes in the production of woven labels. We have different types of woven labels including satin labels, damask labels, taffeta labels. We do customized labels, ensuring your logo, lettering and colors are woven as accurately as possible. All of our woven labels come to you cut, finished, folded and ready to sew or iron on.

When selecting woven labels, the sewing application will depend mainly on the fold. Here we introduce the 5 types of folds to you: straight cut, end fold, center fold, miter fold and manhattan fold.

Whether you are an established company or a brand new start-up, Sinicline can help you brand your items with woven labels that will fit your needs and budget.

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