Jewelry cards with fashionable design

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Sinicline is a leading manufacturer which experienced in producing printed labels, bags, boxes and jewelry cards. If you have your own designs for your jewelries and are looking for a reliable supplier to make your ideas come into actual samples. Sinicline is the source.

In our factory, you can see the advanced machines which could produce all kinds of printed products, such as printed labels, printed paper bags, printed non-woven bags, printed hangtags, printed jewelry cards, printed ribbons, etc. We have so rich experience that could offer you the most suitable advices for your designs or products.

Visiting our website, you can find that we have cooperated with many brands which are well known by all of us. In these old consumers, most of them are engage in bag industry and garment industries which include lingerie companies, leather garment, etc. But if you are careful, you can also fand that there are also some jewelry industry, food industry, shoe industry, market industry and so on. So do not hesitate, just come to us, we can do the fashionable jewelry cards for you.

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