Suitable PVC labels for your bags

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Using suitable PVC labels , rubber labels for your bags or garment can enhance you're the look of them and add a new dimension in the look and feel. PVC materials are used for their duranlity, longevity and color soundness. We have produced the PVC labels and Silicone labels for not only the garment or bag companies but also the relevant industries for nearly ten years.

PVC labels can be used as pullers, key chains, sewed on garment, bags or shoes and they are the perfect promotion products to enhance your brands known to others. In most of shops, what we find frequently in the promotion area is PVC, rubber or silicone key chains. Various shapes, colorful designs, 2D or 3D effect, which attact our eyes.

What matched with key chains are metal chain, different strings, various hooks. We will according to your usage and requirements to adjust our designs from the size to every details. The design service is free and from this point, there is not any facturies can do this like us. If you need to know more about our PVC labels, please visit our website: www.sinicline.netor contact us freely.

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