The colorful fashionable jewelry cards from factory direct

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A handcrafted piece of jewelry is incomplete without an attached tag or card. jeweiry cardscan bear such important information as the name, phone number or website of the jewelry designer, the materials used to fashion the piece of jewelry, and the price of the piece of jewelry. When we want to buy some jewelry we also notice the jewelry card hanged onto them. We believe that a high quality jewelry card can improve up the grades of the products.

jewelry cardstypically feature this pertinent information on one side, and an attractive illustration, stamp, or logo on the other side. They are most durable when made using fairly heavy paper, such as cardstock. While you can cut individual jewelry cards out by hand, you can also make them with business cards.

We are confident that the price you pay for your jewelry cards will be the lowest anywhere. However, if somehow, somewhere, you do find a better price, please let us know. You'll find that our prices are remarkable. Thousands of groups, large and small, come to us when they want excellent quality jewelry cards at unbelievably low prices. .

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