Woven labels wide applied in textile

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Winter is coming, everybody needs a comfortable beautiful down jacket, taffeta fabric is a good choice,woven labels is mainly used for spring, autumn festival women clothing, dress, down jacket and so on,taffeta is the quality of mulberry silk after degumming cuit to plain weave woven silk type fabrics,taffeta is characteristic of silk surface fine clean smooth,flat and beautiful,good gloss,close,feel stifffabric crease,but susceptible to permanent crease.So it should not be folded and weight, commonly used drum packaging

Woven labels are mainly used for leisure clothing lining intermediate interrupt decorative ribbon,general brand English or LOGO, mainly for decoration,Sometimes used in pocket or pocket, mobile phone bags,but also for the sleeve above the middle top or back.Plain coloured taffeta with a single color dyeing bright silk weaving; flash taffeta using latitude and longitude silk woven fabrics of different colors,formed after the flash effect

Woven labels in accordance with the classification can be divided into surface mark and satin two categories.Cloth standard such as cloth structure simple, a warp and weft of interwoven called simple planar target.Cloth standard pattern and color are the main weft to express, expressing the color will be for and warp yarns cross the effect is different and somewhat difference.The machine has the use of weft restrictions,so it can express the color has always been limited.

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