Metal labels will be perfectly for years

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When i am a layman of metal labels,i do not anything about it, I thought it was a piece of iron,I slowly understand the product's process and materials,i have two customers wanted to buy metal label a few days ago, one is with chain,another is only with two holes,first according to their dimensions to measure standard hole size, generally can be 1.5mm, its material is zinc alloy, the material so that let the majority of customer acceptance, relatively modest price.

We must ask our designers to make a artwork for approval before quotation,designers will make a workable artwork.then print out the pattern to confirm the logo is clear, if clear then we can be sure of proofing and produce products.We need to confirm with the customer process,metal labels have embossed and debossed technology. the most important is to ask the customer if has no other requirements for the process, the customer does not have explicit requirements, our customers to do the brush effect,of course, the more complex is the higher the price is.however it is also more more attractive.

Metal labels are wide used in different sectors, not only because it is affordable,but also it will be perfectly for years,maintaining their original looks under a broad variety of challenging environments,including high temperatures, long term outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals.

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