The plastic seal tags available for bra or garments

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When it comes to manufacturing of plastic seal tags and plastic size, it becomes essential for us to lay more emphasis on the design of the tags we make. These plastic tags are manufactured in various colors and sizes that may depend on customers requirement. Despite of their attractive and unique designing, we offer our range of plastic tags at the most affordable prices to our clients.

The seal tags from can find wide application in the shopping bags, the garments, the bra, the trousers, the sweaters, the pans etc. the application is so widely that if you are interested in our garments products you can come to our company website, there are many labels available for your choice. From time to time we will send our professional designers to attend the most fashionably international garments fairs to attract the fashion element.

With the extensive experience in the seal tags and the most advanced machine equipment in our company that the seal tags from us are distributed throughout every corner of the world. many world brand garments company have maintained long standing cooperation with us. Our tags receive huge recognition among them. Under the leadership of our general manager, our company become the specialized company in producing assorted kinds of garments accessory.

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