The versatile plastic seals available for packaging

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The use of plastic seals is very versatile and most importantly simple. The design, materials and easy locking mechanism allow for easy handling and application. There is no need to use any pliers or other tools. The product range offers a large choice of colors, types, lengths and marking. All seals can be individualized as to the customers' requirements. So nearly all possible applications can be covered by the EUROSEAL product range.

The plastic seals are performed with the respect to the intended application of the seal. The choice includes hot stamping,, laser engraving, thermo printing or ink jet printing. To guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, our specialists are prepared to give you advice concerning the right type of seal and appropriate marking. For consultation, please call us. The material used for production of the seals is HDPE, PP or PA.

Our company sinicline manufacture a variety of plastic seals to satisfied the different demands from our valuable customer. This kind of product can be categorized into plastic security seals , metal seals and bolt seals . the metal seals are our featured products and allow for a very reliable and durable securing and marking of consignment, containers or vehicles.

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