Barcode labels make life more convenient

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Barcode labels is a business management information and modernization of technical means. Store operation and management of the use of barcode technology has brought many benefits to the daily lives of consumers, and improve the shopping environment, make consumers shopping more convenient; and the commodity prices declined due to lower store operating costs; in view of the bar code scanning automatic billing methods, it also shorten the consumers queuing settlement time.

Barcode labels is an important part of ANNC, it is mainly used for bar code identification on retail goods, non-retail goods and logistics unit. The main types of barcode labels: EAN-13/8 UPC-A / E ITF 14 EAN / UCC 128 barcode contains the country code, including vendor identification code on retail goods, non-retail goods, logistics unit, location, assets and services in a globally unique identifier code. Coding and symbols of trade items, retail, purchasing, inventory management, automatic replenishment, sales analysis and other operations automation. EAN just a product number, including country or region number, membership number, Product Code and detection code.

China's adoption of international common commodity code and bar code identification system, the popularization and application of barcode establish our merchandise identification system. 1, retail goods at retail merchandise through POS scanning settlement. Its bar code identification by the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and its corresponding bar code symbol. Retail product bar code identification EAN / UPC bar code. 2, non-retail goods is not for distribution, warehousing, or wholesale operations through POS scanning settlement goods. Identification code by the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and its corresponding bar code symbol. Non-retail product bar code symbol ITF-14 barcode or UCC/EAN-128 bar code, EAN / UPC barcode labels. 3, logistics unit barcode temporary combination packaging is established in order to facilitate the transportation or storage, tracking and management of the individual need to be in the supply chain. Link by scanning the bar code label on each logistic unit, logistics and information flow, and can track the physical movement of each logistics unit. The encoding of the logistics unit is identified using the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18).

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