Printed labels are showed on all the apparels

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Printed labelsare like ID numbers for people. When you go shopping you will discover each garments have a size label, composition label, washing label, or country label and so on. They are sewn on your trousers, your coat, your T-Shit, your hat, your wristband, and your underclothesand so on.

There are a range of material options available forprinted labels such as cotton, herringbone, polyester satin and type. The size could be any size. Accord to the apparel’s size, the printed labels size could be customized. Normally, the manufacturer uses a same size label for each brand apparel or in one series garments. They only change the text. Like size label, there will have S size, M size, L size, XL size, XXL size, XXXL size, XXXXL size. Or even more other size.

The printed labels only take a very small part in the garments. But its functions are very big. Such as washing label. When you bought a garment, you should view the washing label very carefully. Especial for the expensive silk products. The incorrect washing method may destroy your loved garments. The water temperature, the soap, or washing shampoo, the washing machine, or the iron temprature are all showed a small washing label. Those informations are very important. Also for a size label, it can help you to choose the right one garment. Especially when you bought the garment for the other people, and that people do not go with you. The size label is the only way to help you buy the suit one garments. There may also many brands on the printed labels. Many garments there may not have a good place to show their brand. The manufacturer will show their brand on the printed labels, hangtags, seal tags and so on. Those small parts will show the brand well.

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