Stripe collocation

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That fashionable actress like Rosie Huntington Whitley, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift... Certainly would not miss stripes, if you are not confident about your body, why not refer to the stripe collocation, we bid farewell to a few extra fat era.
Stripes laid has the thin effect which establish the fashion status, it has been since the Marc Jacobs 2013 spring and summer women' s show, sparking a wave of stripe heat, horizontal and vertical stripes bring visual beauty invasive fashion. The major brands are interpreting the various stripes philosophy, shows us the different styles of metal labels’ fashion.
Perhaps in the entire year of 2012, the major fashion boutique has a variety of shades and colorful hues play maxed out, designer’s reaction is relatively over-saturated colors reflected in the 2013 spring and summer, spark a strip trend, the gray scale tones appear one after another on 2013 spring and summer fashion week; metal labels and grid constituted by points, lines and regular arrangement of a strong sense of presence, which is the best choice for thin collocation
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