Popular elements of clothes

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Woven label features made by West German machine: the labels was knitted like a cloth-like weave out and then be cut, it is also known as a trimming machine. According to different lines, they are divided into two categories, the trademark of the plane (plain) and satin (twill) labels. Which plane can be divided into general plane, double-sided plain, heavy spindle? Of course, according to the warp can be devided into black plain, white plain, black satin and white satin.
Previously, we pick clothing from the zippers, buttons, and linings, stitched and other places to judge the quality of the clothes is good or bad. We selected the clothes, in addition to the texture of the clothes, but also pay more attention to fashion and popular elements in it. Important decorative role in the clothing garment accessories (such as woven labels, printed labels, hangtags etc.) is changing from "secondary” to first role, a new bright spot to become the leading fashion.
Features of woven labels made by Crochet machine: identical to fabric labels made by wooden spindle machine, but non-spindle machine, it’s knitting; therefore, the weft is relatively tight and strong. Mostly used as hot color code, according to different characteristics of warp and weft, make the bottom plate transfer color at high temperature . This kind of labels is higher cost.

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