Seal tags on sophisticated brands

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The printing retirements of colorful clothing seal tags: first seal tags should be concise, unique; it has long strip, circle, triangle, fold-shaped plug bag and other special shape, colorful, dazzling. Secondly, the texture of it, most of the seal tags are made of paper, plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood. In recent years, there appeared a new tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials.
To reflect the sophisticated brand clothing texture, unique, extremely elegant seal tags are more factors that should be take into consideration. Again, from a process point of view, VIP production process, the fine print, high-end work, exquisite craftsmanship. Finally, from the color point of view, the color of the tag and clothing are whole packaged that are color compatible, able to reflect the taste and style. Therefore, the clothing hangtags and seal tags reflect the value of design and printing.
Seal tags means a small card that attached to clothing and other goods to indicate the product brand names, logos, origin and other information. Role: as a certificate, labeled with the name of the implementation of standards, number, composition, grade, test number and so on. A promotional role of the enterprise’s, printed with the Logo, Brand Name, address, telephone, as corporate advertising the brand company.

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