Concave & convex word process

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Concave word process bronzing defective products will be more than convex word process; take the metal seal tags as example, it has come a lot more difficult to process, such as: plating, painting, polishing, mold, silk screen etc, in which a problem will affect the quality of the seal tags.
Some of the raw materials are even used recycled material, after the final products coming out; it is difficult to sell it out. So what are the factors that will affect the quality of the seal tags in the production process, these factors should be consider for example, a color screen printing should less than multi-chromatic; Furthermore, are the products of raw materials, if using low-grade raw materials, the quality of the produced seal tags may not satisfy the customers?
Seal tags are different from the hangtags, it is mainly used in which brand-name or the high upscale clothing, while the hangtags can be appeared on every piece of clothes, no matter its high upscale or low upscale, seal tags reflects the personality and taste of the clothing, but this quality problem is easy to come out on several parts, the first of course is the design of the process, it is judge from whether there exist a gap between the artwork and the process. 
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