It seems that metal accessories are more luxury

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Spell color design is not just color addition and subtraction so simple, how to use color illusion to let body look more perfect is the new issue. Black metal labels first appear in the waist and other parts, to let you unknowingly have a slim physique, the art color stitching but also easily won the title of good taste
Say goodbye to dull colors of autumn and winter, in New Year, you need a number of exciting powers, such as bright colors. Very feminine charm brilliant pink and bright yellow is the most outstanding color in the spring and summer, good shining silk and ribbon let the spring more vivid, with flower shape metal labels decorative accessories, so sweet and moving how can others not love you?
It is time to put away the loose coat of profile shape, tighten the waist, maintaining a strong aura meanwhile not losing the woman’s charm. Beam width girdle or thin belt is the easiest way, if you want to invest in a new wear, waist A-shaped design is the perfect choice, umbrella skirt let your waist looks more slender, show French New Look elegance.

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