Metal label is propagative medium

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The metal labels is an information transmission media, it has a function of the advertising, warnings. Product description: use photo luminescent materials with light-absorbing, light-storing function, absorption of sunlight, lighting and other visible light for 20 minutes, sustainable emitting more than 12 hours. Absorbance and luminescence process can be unlimited sustained and repeated use. No power, maintenance-free, luminous safety factor is up to 100%. Continuous use of life expectancy is up to 15 years. Wall-type are matte PVC and transparent PVC plus two silver frame, with stickers.

Aluminum labels is a kind of metal labels, it is the commonly used labels in our daily life. Here let’s make a brief introduction about the advantages of the aluminum labels. Aluminum as a metal itself has a good metal texture, the lines will show special effects (such as the common high light labels), is one of the best cost-effective metal labels.

The metal labels have symbolic and warning roles, first and foremost is the whole eye visually to the performance of its role. Such as: text to convey, the token is a symbol, direction, suggesting that nature, and so function. Text styles can demonstrate character, scenery, and significance. The shape and the mark are together to present the symbols and tectonic significance. 

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