Growth prospect of Pan Bo

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Pan Bo unrestrained dominates growth prospects. Due to structural differences, the wire seals net skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe pressure, pressure capability was significantly higher than PVC, PE, PP-R pipe, the product suffered the same pressure required thickness less than pure plastic seals construction scene image dominate the era of plastic pipe, pipeline resistance to stress cracking resistance to rapid crack growth, creep resistance forward, long dominated by reliable protection. . It saved the exciting pressure performance of the steel pipe, and there is good the plastic tube wonderful Methodist pique hope willing able and easy laying craft reliable, dominating the long life.
These plastic seals has many characteristics, quite strong solid, temperature resistance, easy to lock, plastic anti-corrosion performance is very good, identifiably number are visible, very convenient to use and the plastic seal looks beautiful and the price is very affordable. With long locks L21cm, with wide 8mm. Under 60 ° C-30 ° C temperature operating will not deformation, not broken, used in a variety of containers, container trucks are basically used as well, plastic seals having the characteristics of related characteristics.
The wire seals mesh skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe is around entangled in high-strength wire seals pipe spread to strengthen the skeleton, inside and outside the high-density polyethylene matrix composite molding continuation extrusion new pipe. The wire seals mesh skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe the personal life Masquerade, large diameter plastic seals pressure capacity of the poor hard will be resolved. The product of the above-mentioned features in the municipal water supply, especially in the pharmaceutical, oil and chemical industry has a broad pan-pan-Bo Bo-spirited and imaginative 

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