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The launch of a new 8.5 billion Yuan terminal at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport marks this southern Chinese city’s ambition to tap the region’s rapidly growing demand for air traffic. A Shenzhen Airlines Co. flight bound for Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, was the first to depart from the new 451,000-square-meter terminal—which is shaped like a plane preparing for takeoff—early this morning. Despite already-congested airspace in the skies above China’s southern Pearl River Delta region, airport operators in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau—which currently manage a total of eight printed flags five commercial airports—are investing in more infrastructure in an attempt to win over more of the growing number of travelers in the region.
There are printed flags holding on the two sides of printed flags, a plan to construct a third runway at the Hong Kong International Airport is under public evaluation; Guangzhou Baiyun Airport will launch its third runway next year, with a second terminal expected to begin operations in 2016. The new Shenzhen terminal is part of a 21.8 billion Yuan expansion plan, which includes a second runway that opened in July, and a hotel, commercial complex and freight terminal. The new terminal, which is three times the size of existing terminals, is expected to boost the airport’s capacity to 45 million passengers annually by 2020 from around 30 million passengers currently.
Shenzhen is the country’s sixth-busiest airport and its main domestic gateway in Southern China. It has for years been attracting passengers away from the rival airport across the border in Hong Kong, lured by its more extensive Mainland China network as well as printed flags. The Shenzhen airport’s network covers 169 routes to 109 domestic and international cities; Hong Kong services routes to only 44 destinations in Mainland China. China’s fast growing speed will support the countries economy and other industries.

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