Hangtags Matched with Woven Clothing Labels

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To complement your woven clothing labels, Sinicline is now offering matching hangtags! We offer any size that you need, we also can customize hangtags to any shape and size you need. Hangtags are an affordable solution to promote your products. Hangtags provide a professional branding image that our business deserves.

Standard hangtags are printed on 14pt with a 1/8″drilled hold included. They are Smudge-Proof with a slight gloss finish on the front. We now offer the thicker card stock, just ask us! We now offer recycled paper hangtags with any size and shape with strings and pins!

Our professionally printed hangtags are an economical brand recognition tool. Used in conjunction with our custom woven clothing labels, hangtags add value to your products by strongly identifying your brand on display.

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