Printed Hangtags in Sinicline

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Hangtags are a great compliment to any clothing line or hand made products. They can make your product line look more professional. We offer hangtags that are printed on one side or both sides. One the front side you can have your logo or design, and on the back you can have care instructions, prices, sizes, any information you need your customers to have. Send us your logo or idea, and our expert graphic designers will create a beautiful design for you, and in only 3 weeks after you approve the art, you will have your hangtags right in your hands!

Most of our customers are start-ups. They are mostly testing the markets of for the first time selling their products in a mid-scale. They are usually frustrated because of the high minimums most hangtag companies have.

We get frustrated as well! We want them to succeed and we want their products to look professional to their customers. So we looked everywhere and finally found the way to supply you with professionally looking printed hangtags with very low minimums and at great prices.

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