Best Hangtags from Sinicline

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Hangtags attached to garments, shoes, cases, etc are an efficient way to get a better understanding of products. They possess vital information like brand, place of origin, material, size, technique, washing care, etc. However, nowadays, hangtags are not ordinary tags with words printed on any more. They are also a method for companies to raise brand awareness and help in image enhancement of the brand.

As the latest environment safety regulations, we are capable to manufacture an extensive range of hangtags as per the requirement of customers. Our printed hang tags feature full-color printing, affordable everyday pricing and a quick turnaround. Custom hangtags can be made by a great many techniques in compliance with customers’ specifications. And we firmly believe that our state of the art 6 color + UV + lamination machines can manufacture your hang tag needs.

With rich industrial experience and knowledge of skilled trained professionals, they contrive elaborate hangtags that will surely attract customers’ eyes and make your products stand out from the rest. If you have your own design, that’s OK and we are ready to bring them to fruition. For more information, you can skim our website and quote for hangtags.

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