Hair accessories

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Lara thunder sister singing career can be described as self-assured, it is said that her singing is quite liked the British soul singer Amy Wine house, In fact, in the shape aspect learn a lot from late "poison", the most obvious is full of cellular hair style!
Amy Wine house’s classic style in one sentence is: exaggerated hair style from time to time matted with towering hair bright headscarf. Lana Del Rey improved version is more refined, more public, she also like towering hair, but it will be meticulous combed, let the hair looks fluffy and clean; while ribbon is mostly white simple models, even printing fabric labels headscarf will choose the narrow edge design, the overall unduly exaggerated, retro but decent, but are also more likely to be accepted.
In "The Great Gatsby" Gatsby’s sweetheart Daisy, is the Queen of hair accessories, scarves, hair clips, hair bands is all around, gestures are elegant atmosphere of the Jazz Age. The diamond hair bands, the printed fabric labels scarves, silver hairpin, but everything lights up the shape of the key. In fact, the actress with most hair accessories is "Daisy", today let’s take stock of these girls who are good at using hair accessories to decorate their appearance.

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