Woven labels edge

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  Woven labels can be divided into two categories. One is woven edge, and the other is cutting edge.
  When a label been required accordance with the needs of width by disposable woven work, it called woven edge label. Compared with cutting edge, this process avoids many of shortcomings, but the yield is lower. The cutting label is like weaving, weave our as a whole piece by dedicated high-speed machines and cut into strips with the width needed. Because the polyester’s characteristics that when it be heated, it will be molten, so when cut the label, the thread will be stick together. Edge of label can not scattered, but also because this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected by cutting. Cutting by good machine would have more better feeling, and the ultrasonic cutting would be better than an ordinary electric knife.
The label’s pattern expressed by yarns, it is certainly different from original plane design in a graft, so it is must make a sample, and start bulk production after confirmation.
Wood spindle machine woven labels is a selvage cloth standard, when the trademark according to the width of need weave by one time, it is called selvage trademark.
This process avoids many of the shortcomings from the cutting edge, but the yield is lower. Also have plane and satin wood spindle machine woven labels.
Characterized is the trademark woven out by the machine is completed one, and soft in touch.
Disadvantage of this label is low production efficiency and the color can be used for only five or less. So it is more suitable for high-grade clothing items, such as fashion clothing, suits.
Wood shuttle woven labels generally use satin standard, but the satin background color is difficult to express, so it is common use hot stamping, dyeing to resolve this problem. Selvage machine generally wooden spindle machines, color generally can not exceed four; crochet machine can also weave a variety of process quality, and can even join in the warp transparent polyester yarn, called the fishing line crochet machine.

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