Plastic seal tags of hangtag

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Strictly, seal tags are the one part in the hang tags. As for a complete hang tag, there are company logo, contact number, fax number, address of the company and other information. There are two main types of seal tags in the market. They are plastic seal tag and metal seal tag. The designs and production of them reflect the image of the company and brand. From other aspect, they also reflect the standard of the garment. With the outstanding and high quality seal tag and hangtag, the people may keep this brand in heart and have a good impression on the garment.
Seal tags lock can’t be open, and it made buy plastic, seal tags are parts of garment, which should take off when you dress the new clothing. Theses tags are disposable supplies so the locks can locked and never needn’t to open, just cut the string of tag. Only purpose of tag’s lock is hold tag on garment or other products.
Seal tags are mainly used for clothing, and also a part of brand watches, bags, shoes, hats, jewelry, umbrellas, etc, which need a hang tag with them. Generally, these seals can be divided into the following categories: one-time formed seals, two-in-one seals, triple seals, quadruple seals, core pulling seals, aluminum seals, woven ribbon seals, woven ribbon buckle, string buckle, etc. One-time formed, two-in-one, triple and quadruple seals can be divided into: double fork(or double ended) seals, single fork/end seals and no fork seals.
They usually are made from PVC or PE. Also sometimes you can see a tag which is made from aluminum hang on a Men’s suits. It can be called seal tags too.

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