Retro is popular

Release time:2014-01-03      Source:admin      Reads:
This early autumn, whether you are a playful and cute little princess or uninhibited avant-garde fashion insider, putting on a retro printing single product on the body, is bound to become a photographer star in front of the camera.
Retro is still very popular, the retro printing along with the T-stage model interpretation of these shares retro blow around the world. The printing of this season's is more like Monet's garden, with a retro and elegant appearance. The style is colorful, printed pants, both flamboyant and sophisticated printing shirt with barcode labels, but also playful and cute retro small floral. We fell in love again with this classic fashion, with a nice collocation; can also wear clothing with a star, model-like fashion sense.
Printing has a indelible position in the minds of women, as the retro trend continue hot, colorful printing is also playing tricks, gradually transformed the fresh feeling into a sense of calm pristine. The designers use the magic hands, add the fashion sense into classic retro printing, not only using a bold modern color barcode labels, but also add psychedelic digital technology into it, from shirt to dress pants, retro printing rose to the level of an art printing, and even walking in the forefront of fashion stars have chosen it as the recent trend.

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