The First Garment Assessories Town in China

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In 2004, Baogai town was recommended as "Chinese garment accessories town” by China Textile Industry Association, it is the only national garment accessories industry cluster base this Town an annual output of hardware accessories, printed labels, metal labels, woven labels and other trademarks about 80 billion pieces.

Baogai town is the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea, north to the town of casual trousers - Jiangzhen ", to the South trade volume over ten billion yuan in Shishi City duck pond textile fabric market and Asia's largest clothing city one of the "Shishi clothing city west the three apparel accessories market, The geography position is very superior

In early 1970s, the villagers here seized the opportunity of rapid development in Shishi clothing industry, , develop their ingenuity, bear hardships and stand hard work, they were good at handmade hardware ,zippers, jewelry, and other small metal garment processing facilities, like metal labels. With the expansion of the scale of the industry, Baogai town’s garment accessories become nationwide, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changshu, Beijing and other places as well, Baogai town garment accessories products’ market share increased bigger and bigger, in 2006, according to conservative estimated Baogai town garment accessories products accounted for similar products in more than 50% of the national market. Baogai town industrial clusters to sustainable development.

Baogai town’s apparel accessories including hardware clothing accessories, plastic clothing accessories, computer embroidery, computer woven labels, under the blue, trademarks, zippers, lining, buttons and printed packaging,metal labels or other metal accessories, they are an important part of the garment industry chain. In the 10 years of hard work, Baogai people profoundly aware of: strong as the the guy, the equipment should stronger as well, More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. Baogai accessories enterprises both in technology research and development of new products invested more than 50 million yuan of funds to update the equipment each year. Up to now, the town has various types of equipments to 17,630 units, 70% of the level of the late 1990s, 30 percent to the world's advanced level; 9150 units with various types of imported equipment, accounting for 52%; mold over 10,000 sets of plastic products, metal more than 10 million sets of products mold.

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