How to Reduce the Dirty Points of Label Printing

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What factories now facing is the tiny contaminants in the air results in waste in the printing production process (waste and cut-off time). This problem is very difficult to deal with. The printed labels stock is very sensitive to the accumulation of static electricity. Accumulation of static electricity like a magnet to the raw surface around the pollutants lure. These pollutants may be from the packaging, clothing fibers, hair, cutting dust, ink, metal dust, etc., these all can cause printing problems.

Pollutants transferred from the printed labels to the impression cylinder may cause the image error of the printed labels. The general approach is to stop the machine, clean impression cylinder. Contaminants directly transferred from printed labels to the roll of the plate a solid particle on the plate roller. If you use the UV ink is very thin and in very sticky situation, this situation will worsen, a small dust will stick to the plate on a stick formation from repetitive errors. Operator should use a soft brush or rag to clean plate club in operation. First of all, this operation is unsafe. In addition, if you can not clear it fully, the operator must turn off the machine, clean all the plate roller, re-register the machine again check the print goods and quality.

At this circumstance, using dustelectrostatic cleaning system with polymerization cleaning roller to clean substrates. The cleaning roller clean dry substrates, independent pollutants, and replace the adhesive paper, you can continue to clean and uninterrupted printing production. In label printing production, use the dust electrostatic cleaning systems can reduce waste and downtime. Thus, the dirty points on the printed labels will reduce and its production will increase meanwhile.

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