Reasons why you should use ziplock bags

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As summer is coming, the demand for reclosable ziplock bag is increasing. Transparent ziplock bags are widely used in packaging and displaying swimsuit, lingerie, activewear and so on. There are many benefits of using ziplock bags. 

Custom printed zip lock bags are an easy and affordable way to increase brand awareness with every transaction. Resealable ziplock packaging has clear benefits for the consumer. In fact, the typical consumer is willing to pay 14% more for products in resealable packaging.
Ziplock packaging provides stylish protection for your products. 
Most importantly, the added protection can extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt, wear and tear. It also gives the consumer peace of mind as zippers let people know that the product is securely locked in. For example, a PVC ziplock bag for a garment can keep it pristine as the owner packs it away for a vacation. By protecting the longevity of the product, you increase consumer satisfaction and in turn boost brand loyalty.

Recyclability is an important feature that consumers value in 2017.  Zip-lock packaging can be re-used for a host of different purposes such as storing linens and small items like toiletries when traveling. For those reasons, sustainable packaging is smart value-ad that consumers consider when shopping.

Ziplock packaging is ideal for retail sales
Resealable packaging has a host of advantages for the stores selling your items from displaying your product to managing returns of your product if necessary. For example, if a customer bought a t-shirt in a poly bag and then discovered when they got home that the shirt didn’t fit well and returned it, when the return is processed the retailer can easily put the product on the display again. 

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