Clothing Label Trend: Transparent Washable TPU Labels

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We are always developing and exploring new ideas for clothing labels. Recently, we developed lots of TPU labels. These labels appear clear so the garment fabric can be seen through the label however the logo or text is transfered on top of the clear TPU label material creating a great 3D look. 

What is TPU label?
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Clothing Label is a printed label that is printed on a type of rubber-like material that gives excellent durability and stability. It's a new way to show off your logo, care/content and size labels. This is the same type of material that is currently used for cellphone and smartpad cases. 

Why choose TPU label?
Due to its resistance to extreme conditions, printed TPU labels are mainly used for swimwear, yoga wear, active wear or can even serve as unique hang tags. These labels are special because they are transparent, which will make them less intrusive to the consumer. They have a soft feel, are resistant to oil, grease and high temperatures. This makes them highly durable but comfortable next to skin.

How Sinicline TPU label differ from others?
While most people prefer to print their logo and content on a frosted transparent background, Sinicline can produce TPU clothing labels in any background color. Sinicline uses the latest spot color printing which gives a crisp, detailed look. However, please note that crisp, spot color printing is done when there are three colors or less.

TPU Printed Clothing Labels are very thin, only slightly thicker than the regular paper we use. Thus, sewing TPU labels in is easy and can be sewn onto almost any garment or fabric. TPU clothing labels can withstand regular washing and dryer machines and will not warp unless direct or excessive heat is applied.

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