The classifications of seal tags

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As to seal tags, we are not unfamiliar. Most of seal tags are made of paper, but also have plastic, metal materials. Moreover, in recent years, also presents a new type of security hangtags made of holographic information. From the appearance point of view, it is even more diverse: a long strip, zigzag, circular, triangular, inserted the bag as well as other special appearance, really colorful and beautiful. From the name point of view: there are consumption seal tags, trademarks seal tags, high-end clothing seal tags, all kinds of clothing seal tags, clothing accessories seal tags, the circular seal tags, square seal tags etc.
The above is the classifications of seal tags, Our company supply excellent quality, superior performance seal tags, I believe that will be your best choice. If you have any questions or related needs, please contact us, I will try to solve all the related problems for you.
Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in the seal tags, also known as hangtags ropes, we provide good quality, reasonable price labels, such as sticker labels, printed labels, woven labels, bar code labels and metal labels. Our products are widely liked by our customers. Here we will make a brief outline about the classifications of the seal tags.

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